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Netflix’s Resident Evil Review – Easily The Best Adaptation Of The Zombie Franchise Yet


Netflix’s Resident Evil Review – Easily The Best Adaptation Of The Zombie Franchise Yet

Come for the zombies, blood, and gore, stay for a story that jumps around in time to tell the tale of the end of the world.

Resident Evil Live-Action Netflix Series | FULL SPOILER Review (Another Woke/Crappy RE Adaptation!!)

Watched all Eight Episodes. Took Notes. And here’s my full on Spoiler Episode by Episode Review of the Netflix Live-Action Show starring Lance Riddick.

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Netflix’s Resident Evil: Season 1 Review

All eight episodes of Resident Evil hits Netflix on July 14, 2022. Review by Taylor Lyles.

Although one of the two timelines felt more compelling and interesting to watch than another, Resident Evil’s first season offers a new, original, and compelling story that leaves plenty of room for a second season. Despite the quality imbalance, the acting, special effects, and overall storytelling keep me wanting more and leave plenty of worthy story threads to explore should it get renewed for a second season.

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Netflix’s Resident Evil is Embarrassing

Netflix’s Resident Evil is horrific. Atrocious. Horrendous. Abysmal. Abhorrent. And just plain embarrassing. The show sucks.


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0:00 Intro
1:25 Episode 2
9:44 Episode 3
18:40 Episode 4
29:18 Episode 5
36:57 Conclusion

I Made It Through 2 Episodes of RESIDENT EVIL on Netflix

Life is too short to watch 8 episodes of another mediocre Resident Evil attempt. Here are my thoughts on the first 2 episodes anyway.



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