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Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary: What Announcements Can We Expect?


Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary: What Announcements Can We Expect?

Leaks and scattered statements from producers suggest major announcements.

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The SAD Truth About FF7R Part 2…

When it comes to recent revelations that were made to us. I can’t help but think this way. When it comes to the FF7R Part 2 Release date and the sad truth behind it. I already know a lot of people are not going to agree with this. So let me know in the comments below what you think and lets have a discussion about it!

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Square Enix Strongly Hint Towards New Final Fantasy Announcements For 2022!

Square enix’s final fantasy 35th anniversary website went live which is said to be celeberating final fantasy 35th anniversary. The producer of final fantasy 7 remake stringely hints towards new game releases. He mentions final fantasy 5 anniversary, final fantasy 7 25th anniversary, and final fantasy 11 anniversary. He points out there is an unusual amount of anniversaries this year. I should note additionally that final fantasy 7 crisis core, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance 2, and war of the lions are all having anniversaries this year. 15 years for crisis core, 20 years final fantasy tactics, and 15 years for final fantasy tactics a2 and war of the lions. Lets not forget ff9 remake and final fantasy tactics remaster which were apart of the nvidia geforce now leak. Final fantasy 16 trailer could drop at the state of play happening march 9th 2022. In the case it does drop with a release of this year it would mean square is serious about the titles coming for final fantasy this year.

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Square Enix Teases Major Announcements For This Year

In a recent earnings call for square enix, we get new information regarding many things. Square enix states that final fantasy 35th anniversary news coming either this month or next month. We also learn that square enix has very high expectations for final fantasy 16 and a ff16 trailer is nearly ready to drop. The major thing to take out of this is that very likely final fantasy 16 will release within this fiscal year and we will have this game in our hands.

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